Thank you Shannon!! I am very grateful, this will assist Emily confidence with her education and exams on her new sixth form school. We are very grateful for the thorough report done by the excellent Arlene Wake and for your prompt reply to my queries.

If Emily needs further assessment to college or university or whatever educational path she takes , we are surely to come back to your valuable services!! And to recommend your outstanding centre to other families.
Many thanks again for your prompt reply. Kindest regards,  Antonieta


The school have reacted very favourably and are going to teach her how to touch type….she has a brilliant, creative brain in there and I’m going to bring it out! Again, thank you for all your help you have ‘unlocked a fascinating door’.
Kind regards

Hi Arlene,

I wanted to let you know that Rosa has qualified for extra time in her GCSE’s thanks to your help.

best wishes



Dear Arlene,

With perseverance, Theo was granted 10% extra times. We strongly believe that your recommendations helped tremendously. Theo did the Buckinghamshire 11+ Test early today. He reported that he enjoyed the test and remained happy and relaxed after school.

We are truly thankful for all your help and support.

Kind regards


Hi Arlene

Just wanted to say thanks for making the process so relaxed for Hannah. You will be pleased to know that Hannah got a double distinction so this along with her IB results secured her place at Bath. With the help of your assessment the team at Bath have already put preparations in place for  the support required and extra time for exams. Your support has been much appreciated and we can now look forward positively to Hannah’s journey into higher education.

Many Thanks


Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for this detailed and highly useful report. I will forward it on to the school. You really put Bella at her ease on the day and we have found the report that you have produced, and your feedback at the time, extremely interesting and helpful.

Kind regards,


Hi Arlene,

We wanted to let you know Maddie got her GCSE results this morning and she passed! She did English lit, English Lang and Maths and got 5 in them all. She’s done brilliantly. We all had a cry this morning (probably with relief!) You’ve been on this journey with us from the beginning and a big inspiration throughout.


Thank you Arlene,

We are very impressed with your assessment and report. Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,



Thank you so much for seeing us and for this comprehensive report.

Since your assessment we have rediscovered the Kindle and Millie has been reading everyday, by choice.

Thank you again, Millie comes away from the assessment feeling much better about herself.


Hi Arlene

Thank you for the report, I find this really intriguing.

I can’t thank you enough for putting Lillia at ease and carrying this out for us, it really has given us clarity of the issues and guidance for future coping mechanisms.

Kind regards


Hi Arlene,

Thank you very much for the report. Its been really useful to read the findings and recommendations. We plan to discuss this with Josie’s school teachers.

Thank you for making the assessment so stress-free for Josie and making her feel so at ease.

Many Thanks


Thank you very much Arlene, that reads very clearly and will be of great benefit.

Oscar has many deadlines coming up at the moment, but seems to be more relaxed than before we saw you and understands how some of the strategies you suggested can help him and has implemented them himself.

I am so pleased and relieved at this diagnosis and his attitude since. Thanks again.

All the best,


Dear Arlene,

Thank you for your email and it was also lovely to meet you. Thank you for your gentle, caring, kind and positive approach with Finlay when you completed his assessment. He was certainly tired afterwards but by no means upset by the experience, which can so often be the case when assessments are not handled sensitively .

Thank you also for the comprehensive report detailing Finlay’s specific difficulties which is most helpful. As are the suggestions, guidance, tools and links for additional support you provided within the report that Finlay may benefit from.


Dear Arlene,

Thank you for getting your report to us so quickly. We’ve already noticed such a change in Erin’s confidence. It’s beautiful to see.


Please thank Arlene for assessing Elizabeth yesterday.  She said it was “really, really fun”

Hi Arlene

Many many thanks for your time and expertise last week. You managed to put Otto at ease in the situation and the outcome is something that we all find actually very reassuring. It explains an awful lot about Otto’s learning experience and I’m sure we can go forward with a deeper understanding (and tolerance!) of his areas of learning difficulties.


Dear Shannon

Please thank Arlene for assessing Elizabeth yesterday.  She said it was “really, really fun” and she wrote this paragraph last night about her dyslexia journey this year….

Kind regards


Elizabeth story March 2018 (002)


Dear Kate and Arlene

I thought you might like to know that Sam passed his GCSE English language with a 4 and a Distinction in spoken language, he got a 5 in English Literature and a 5 in Maths! We were both so pleased and he has been given a place at Canterbury College on their level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Engineering which he started yesterday.

I am sure it is in no small part thanks to all your help over the years that Sam has got to where he is – I already let Amanda know about his Maths result which I am sure she also played a big part in. So just wanted to say a big thank you from both of us and keep up the good work!

All the best

Lorraine and Sam

Dear Arlene,
Thankyou so much for your report and your time regarding our daughter Ariana. She had a lovely time with you, and thoroughly enjoyed the games. The report was brilliant and we now have a better guideline to help her as best we can, although Ariana has now asked for a fidget cushion the same as yours! We are so appreciative of your time and help and cannot thankyou enough.

Kindest regards, from two very grateful parents.
Jenna and Robyn

Hi Arlene,

Thank you so much for last week you made us all feel at ease and it was very useful.

I have informed Gracie’s school and they are already being very helpful. I also told the school about you and the centre how nice and helpful you were and recommended you for other children and parents in the school that may need your help.

Thank you again.


Hi Arlene,

Bryn really enjoyed his time with you and we will certainly be interested in coming along to activities and things at the dyslexia centre.

Since his assessment I’ve bought a rainbow sound mat and we have been using this for spellings in literacy. We have also started writing story plans before he begins a story writing task and we are doing literacy in short sharp bursts.

He is finding it easier to write on a small white board with a pen, than to write on paper. He is then learning to type his work onto the lap top.

I’m feeling more confident to help him, now that I know ways to help.

Thank you so much for all of your help and advice.


Dear Arlene

Thank you so much for the report, it has certainly helped to confirm what we thought all along. The diagnosis has certainly given Lori more confidence and she is now working even harder but with the confidence to ask for help when she needs it. We have not had the results of the school’s screening yet but reading this report I am confident that she will be entitled to additional time and a reader.

Many thanks again.


The support Joel was offered through yourselves, Simon Langton and his glasses, combined with an outstanding attitude meant that Joel walked away with 5 A*, 1 A and 3 Bs at GCSE.
Thanks for your support.

Dear Arlene,
Thank you very much for this very comprehensive report. I am very pleased we have identified Lily’s dyslexia as this now forms a stable platform to make sure Lily is supported as much as possible to attain success in life. Best money I ever spent!
I am grateful for your offer of continued support and I am also interested in getting Lily some extra one to one coaching
Thanks again
Best Regards

Thank you for your email. Zak thoroughly enjoyed his morning with you, he asked the next day if he could go again! Thank you for the report, I am really happy with it, have passed it onto school now for them to have a look at.

Lovely to meet you

Kind Regards


Many thanks to Arlene for today’s assessment- Livvy actually really enjoyed it and I feel that Arlene’s discussion afterwards was incredibly informative and helpful – I am sure her advice will really help us in supporting Livvy in her future learning. Livvy felt very at ease with Arlene and already feels much better about her learning, knowing that there are lots of things we can do to make it easier for her.

Many thanks again


We would like to thank you for your kind assistance with our young people during their assessments, we found the reports to be extremely beneficial and feel able to support our children accordingly.

Kind regards

Simon & Tanya

Hello, Arlene,
Thank You so much. Its weird seeing it all written down on paper but also clarifies and supports my struggles so I feel pretty chuffed that my difficulties can now be recognised!
Thanks again,

Dear Arlene
Lovely to meet you the other day while completing my Dyslexia assessment. The outcome has helped a lot with my confidence as not being able to understand why a thing is happening is very disconcerting but I now know the rational which is a great help.
Many grateful thanks


Many thanks for confirming this, Arlene,

We will look forward to seeing you again tomorrow afternoon at the drop in (this morning, when I mentioned to Christelle that we might be going to the Centre tomorrow afternoon, she said asked if she could do more tests as she had enjoyed doing them so much! So that is very positive feedback on the testing experience!)

Best wishes

Dear Arlene,

Apologies for my slow reply and thank you for sending Elle’s report so promptly. It was very nice to meet you and may I thank you for making the whole experience a friendly and calm experience, Elle was very anxious before she came along but you made her feel very at ease.

I think it will take a little time for all the information and implication of the results to sink in properly, I am pleased we have a diagnosis, but with all the things to help her I am hoping this will make life easier for her.

Thank you for all your help, I will indeed be in touch if we need a little more advice.

Kindest regards


Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for Evie’s report, it is really clear and very useful.
Thanks also for putting Evie at ease throughout the assessment process.

A copy will go to both Evie’s current school and her new high school, who hopefully will be slightly more enlightened about dyslexia!

Kind regards

Dear Arlene,
Thank for your report.
We’d also like to thank you for the time and care which you took in assessing Jack and for making him feel at ease, and also when explaining your findings to us and answering all our questions.
Kind regards,
Matthew and Claire

Dear Arlene
Many thanks for sending Jack’s report through to us.
We have found the information very interesting reading, and this will help us help Jack as he progresses in his role as an Engineer.
Kind regards,

HR/Customer Service Director

Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for the report and for your efforts on Tuesday. 

Despite it being a tiring time for Greg, he found it very useful and enjoyed working with you. From my perspective, it was great to finally hear the confirmation of dyslexia and to know that Greg will continue to get the support he needs during his studies. We are extremely proud of Greg and all he has achieved despite his difficulties. We look forward to his university using this report to support him in achieve his degree and setting him up to continue with his chosen career path.

Many thanks for your kindness and support.

Best regards,


Hi Arlene

Kimberley’s diagnosis has provided some relief actually now knowing the conclusive result and we are looking forward to moving on a positive direction with our little chatterbox! We would both just like to say how fantastic you were with Kimberley and very much appreciate all your feedback and help to date. No doubt shall be in touch.

Thanks very much Arlene,

Kind regards Nicola

Hello Arlene,

Thank you so much for taking the time last week to asses Alex and spend so long discussing the results with us.  You made the whole experience very stress free. We look forward to reading the report in due course.

Kind Regards Harriet

Hi, again

So pleased you did this for Alex, Arlene. He’s lovely boy who is very hard on himself and very motivated, but struggling to get his ideas down, especially under stressful conditions.

Thanks again


Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much!  You were amazing on the day and put Abbie at ease.  She has felt quite relieved and is looking forward to learning in a different way on those things, she struggles with. The report is perfect and her teacher is very keen to talk to me and has booked to see me tomorrow morning, so this is perfect timing.
Thank you very much.  We will try all of the things that we can and i will start her on touch typing this week.  
Thank you once again

Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for looking after Aidan last week.

I think he see’s himself a little differently and is walking a little taller.

Claire and I were really pleased with the process and the way you explained the results not to mention the confidence boost to Aidan.

We look forward to receiving the report.

Best regards


Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for the kindness and professionalism you showed in reassuring and supporting Leon throughout the assessment last week. We both felt it an ‘Eureka moment’ that finally Leon’s difficulties were acknowledged after a number of years of continued learning challenges which were starting to affect his self esteem as he grows in his self awareness.

I’m glad that i finally took a leap of faith and trusted my instinct on pursuing a thorough assessment for Leon and am very grateful to you for your specialist input. It is very reassuring to know that there are many ways in which Leon’s learning can be supported in the future as he moves on to secondary school and beyond.

The report is a truly fascinating insight into the ways in which Leon copes with the world around him. It helps to explain so many aspects of his behaviour which have sadly led others to make wrong assumptions about why he acts like he does when pressured or faced with time constraints.

This newly acquired knowledge of Leon’s learning challenges couldn’t have come at a better time. I know he will thrive in his new school and thank you for giving us the tools to aid his future development.

Kind regards Zoe

​Thanks Arlene,

This is an excellent and very comprehensive report. A quick turn around too! I hope our paths cross again soon.

Best wishes

Robyn Harrison


St Mary of Charity Primary School

Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for assessing Phoebe and for writing her report.  It makes very interesting reading and confirms that she does need some extra help when she goes off to university in September. 

It was good to meet you. Phoebe found the assessment procedure very straightforward and enjoyed working with you.



Dear Arlene

Thank you so much for sending the report so promptly, I will pass your message on to Jasmine.
She is very excited about going to University in Bristol. She wrote an outstanding personal statement, she spent hours over it and it really made all the difference. She even helped a fellow student with his.  I know that she wouldn’t be where she is now if she hadn’t attending weekly sessions with Kate, we are both very grateful to you both for all your support, tuition and encouragement.

best wishes

Dear Arlene

Thomas and I had a lovely day with you on Wednesday. You were so good with Thomas and making him feel so at ease helped him respond well, both to you and the tasks. He enjoyed his time with you and I appreciate your kindness, support and advice.

Kind regards

Dear Arlene

It was lovely meeting you too and thank you for your support and kindness that you gave to Jozeph.  Jozeph was very happy when he left and was not upset by any of it and commented that he thought you were really lovely and kind.  So a big thank you for helping Jozeph feel relaxed and cared for.

Many thanks again for your help and kindness.

Warren and Belinda

Dear Arlene

THANK YOU for doing Caitlin’s assessment last summer and giving us such a comprehensive and helpful report. It has been invaluable to understanding Caitlin better and I was able to take it into her teachers and talk it through with them so she now gets more support at school as well. The whole experience of getting assessed was a very positive one for Caitlin. You made her welcome and gave her a sense of acceptance about who she is and that dyslexia brings strengths to celebrate as well as challenges. She enjoyed her assessment time with you.


Hi Arlene

Many thanks for Fin’s report and for for being so lovely with him.He was completely comfortable with you and the report highlights his needs with clarity. This will really help us to work with his school to move forward so that we have a better shared understanding of his learning.

Many thanks


Hi Arlene! 

Thank you so much for the report and all the advice and help you gave me i really really really appreciate how friendly and kind you were to me last wednesday!

I think I’ve now sent off all the information that i need thanks to your report so im just waiting for the uni to contact me and set up a meeting  to help

Thank you again!



Firstly could you please thank Arlene for me as Sparks assessment gave her a new lease of confidence and self esteem that i have not seen in her for a very long time and although i kept telling her she was intelligent etc it fell on deaf ears but having someone she has no contact with telling her that she was intelligent really lifted her so please thank Arlene and for making it an easy appointment as Sparks was also dreading it.


Dear Arlene,

Thank you again for all your help, I am very happy with the report and hopefully they will give me that extra time so that I can get this test over and done with.  Thank you for all your support and kindness I will let you know of the outcome soon.

kind regards soma

You tested my daughter, Ella, for dyslexia in 2013. I just want to say thank you for the way you dealt with her and to let you know the effect it has had on her school performance. The year teachers who received your report were excellent and made adjustments that led Ella to go from languishing near the bottom of the class to the top. To the extent that the head suggested she apply for an academic scholarship this year. We have you to thank for the confidence boost.

Thank you,


Good Morning Arlene,

I just wanted to let you know that I had a meeting about Grace’s assessment yesterday and the Headteacher and class teacher have put so many interventions and recommendations made by you into place. The head was extremely impressed with your report. Grace had a bad day yesterday, initially refusing to go to school, but in the end with the positive meeting we had she seems so much happier this morning. I can’t thank you enough for the assessment you did, you have made such a difference to my little girls life already.


Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for all your help and care with the assessments and very detailed excellent report. After showing Callum the suggested video and talking about dyslexia he is slowly getting used to it.


I will certainly vote for Arlene!  She has such enthusiasm and works so hard.  

Would love to vote as I totally support the center – its been amazing for Emily

Thank you, Graham is doing well.  I can’t tell you how pleased/relieved we are he got that ruddy ‘C’ in English!! 🙂 Hope you are well and still loving what you do, I shall always be grateful to you for the help you gave Graham.


Hi Arlene

Caity seems to be doing well. Funnily enough after showing her the suggested video and talking to her about being dyslexic she wrote four stories, the most she has ever written at home was 2 sentences so this was amazing!! So thank you. I feel she is getting more targeted support at school, unfortunately they do not have a SENCO at the moment but hopefully they will have one in January

Kind regards


Dear Arlene,

Thank you for your email this has definitely helped me! I just wanted to let you know since my diagnosis, it has helped me massively! after reading the report several times I am now starting to understand myself and how I like to work a little more, having confidence I can explain to people the specific needs I have and recognising my own difficulties and short falls has helped a great deal! My report is so detailed I am so impressed and feel it will help tremendously when it comes to any higher education that I wish to undertake!

Thank you so much



I just wanted to thank you for the service and to say how impressed we were with Arlene. She put Freyja at ease. When she fed back it was very helpful and she did so in a very accessible and pleasant way. Both Freyja and I were very impressed.
Best wishes

Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for all your help and care with the assessment.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen Nadia not worry about not doing well in school.
Her teachers are very supportive about setting up the necessary help she needs.  It’s been such a relief for all of us to now be able to move forward.  
We have a meeting set up to discuss an IPP.  I shall take the report and work through it to be prepared for this meeting.
Once again thank you so much for your help and kindness.  It is such a blessing!

​Thank you,Arlene.

I need to congratulate you for the quality of your reports.I am Lydia and Declan class guardian and have seen a number of Ed.Psych.reports, now. Yours are the best,so thorough…And so positive…In the case of Lydia,it gave her an unexpected confidence!


Dear Arlene
Thank you very much for the prompt appointment and test, its made such a difference.
Yours Sincerely,
Dear Arlene,
Thank you so much for making the whole assessment process so easy and enjoyable, especially for Gabriel.
And thank you too for such an informative session with me after the assessment. It felt such a relief that my suspicions were confirmed and that I wasn’t just being an over-fussy mother. Even on the way to the Centre, I found myself worrying that it was all in my mind! I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard that.
I think it’s very reassuring for Gabriel to finally understand there is a proper reason he finds certain tasks at school so difficult.
With very kind regards,

Hi Arlene, Thats amazing thank you so much!  It would be amazing for her to have use of one, i have seen such a difference in her now she knows what her problems are about and we can buy items that actually assist. At the moment she is enjoying ‘horrid henry’ books. And she uses her ruler daily, the one you gave her

Thank you Madison

Hi Arlene

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for seeing Sebby and the report has eased our anxiety with him as now we know what we have to work with and I am just hoping that we have caught this in time.  I have a meeting with his teacher at Lorenden and I am sure they will be able to help him and get Seb to his maximum potential!

Thanks again and would certainly recommend your service to anyone with concerns about their child with their reading and writing.

Kind regards


Hi Arlene,

Thank you so very much for this. It is a really detailed report which explains many things. 
I would also like to say thank you for the supportive manner in which the assessment was run and the guidance you provided whilst I was with you. You managed to make it all make sense and take away the stigma that had prevented me from getting a diagnosis prior to now.
Once again thank you for everything.
Best wishes,
Dear Arlene
Thank you very much for all of your support and help over the last few years with Harry. He is going to miss you so much and we are all very grateful for the extra 300 miles that you go every day in your professional life to help all of the kids that you work with.
Best wishes
Hi Arlene,

 I can’t believe Sean’s last lesson with you is next week, where has this term gone! It feels like the end of an era as you have been such an important part of Sean’s development. You have given him confidence and belief in himself and we are so very grateful for all that you have done. Once again thank you for all that you have done

Hi Arlene,
We brought our lovely son, Luke, along to you almost a year ago. Firstly I would like to tell you that with all the correct support in place things are now going amazingly well. Luke is confident and happy but he also amazingly made a years expected academic progress within months of seeing you so I would like to thank you for all your excellent advice and the great service.

Dear Arlene

Thank you for your help and advice. Isabel really enjoyed the assessment and said she wished she could do it again! In fact she said it was the best part of her day, even though i also took her out for an ice-cream on the beach as a treat later! Any way I think it goes to show you have made he experience as fun and interesting as possible and put Isabel at ease during the process.


Hello Arlene
I just wanted to thank you for making Sarah feel at ease for her dyslexia test last month and for completing the report so quickly. She was immediately granted extra time for exams which happened just in time for 2 gcse assessments in the last week of term, and this was an enormous help to her. The test result was a bit of a surprise to Sarah but I think she’s feeling better about it now especially as she knows other girls with dyslexia.
Thanks again


Dear Arlene
I wanted to thank-you for all the support your centre has given Oscar over the last year. His confidence and self-esteem have grown considerably and his attitude and approach to school work is so much more positive. Your team have helped him understand himself better and have taught him some excellent strategies and study skills which have already proved invaluable. You all do an amazing job!!


Thank you so much for all your help today you were amazing! You have answered a lot of questions that have been buzzing round my head for last few weeks and I now feel that finally we can put the “fun” back into Freya’s learning. We are all just so grateful there are places like yours that people can go to. Freya did ask on the way home if she could leave her school and come to you everyday hehe. Thanks again you have put the smile back on all our faces after a very worrying few weeks.

Dear Arlene

I’m so glad that we finally have an understanding of the situation with him.  I am also very thankful that we have been identified the challenges early and in such a positive environment.  Thank you also for spending the time with me to give me a quick overview of how I can help and support him.

I also really appreciate how quickly you have completed the report for us.  I will review it and share it with his school and teachers to ensure that we are able to move forward and support him together.


Dear Arlene,
Thank you so much for your wonderfully comprehensive report with such helpful advice.

Just a quick thank you for organising the dyslexia training.

 I found the presentation informative and enjoyable. Arlene pitched it just right and after the practical tasks I feel that I am in a better position to empathase with our children that are struggling. I thought her personal insights put dyslexia into context and very useful. I thought the strategies would be beneficial to most of our children and particularly liked the ideas about planning from the middle of the story out, and playing word snakes and ladders. 

Dear Arlene,

We were both very pleased with how the session went yesterday and to receive such positive results from the tests. This in itself showed Chloe that she is a very capable girl and boosted her confidence.

The lower scores in s.t. memory, rapid reading and phonological awareness and the lower end of average scores for verbal ability and reading speed have explained some of the difficulties that Chloe experiences with specific areas and have given us all a focus.

We have already placed an order for an audio book and hope this is the start of reading enjoyment for Chloe. We have also looked briefly at the ‘inspiration’ website and may need a bit of advice on that, and will be looking at the book on mind mapping too.

Thank you again for such a good session which was both enlightening in terms of knowledge gained and motivational in the way it was delivered.


Hi Arlene

Jack has told me that my hot chocolate is not as nice as yours! Also thank you for making Jack feel relaxed and have a go at everything you gave him to do. Thank you again.


Dear Arlene

Many thanks for all your advice and guidance on Saturday. Katie loved it and didn’t want to leave. As a result we have just booked her in for your touch typing sessions with Kate, and would also like to reserve a place for the summer school. Again many thanks, Katie can’t wait to come back to the centre in a couple of weeks.


Dear Arlene

I received Michaels report yesterday, thank you very much for all you have done Im so happy to finally have him diagnosed.


Dear Arlene,

Thank you very much for yesterdays information evening, it was very informative and fun.  I will be in touch regarding further training for our staff as I am really keen to get our school working together to present information and learning in a supportive way for pupils with dyslexia.

Claire Garrett


Warden House Primary School

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for all the good work that you have achieved with Simone. You have made her believe in herself and boosted her confidence no end. As I said before, I wish that we had found you earlier than we did, but in the last year that Simone has been coming to you she has improved and grown enormously.

Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for all you have done. I feel so indebted to you for all you have done for me the support you have provided and the way in which you made Rosie feel so at ease. Many thanks for everything, regards Jennie

Thanks again, I could not have hoped for a better assessor, you made the process much more comfortable then I thought it would be.  I feel so much better having had it done.


Dear Arlene,

Have just re read your report and I would just like to say thank you for doing such an amazing job.

So helpful to now have a clear understanding standing of what he is struggling with and ideas/strategies to help him cope.


Thank you very much for your prompt completion and for being very helpful and pleasant throughout the entire process!


Thank you very much for the report, both digital and paper. I have shared them with our SENCO who has shared them with the class teachers and they are meeting next week. Your tips have transformed the completion of homework and his reading is equally transformed by the green overlay. Reuben will be assessed for Irlens soon.


Thank you for all your help, Graham obviously feels comfortable with you at the Centre, so thank you very much to you and your colleagues for creating the right environment.


Dear Arlene

Just a note to say thank you so much for the detailed assessment report on Robyn you sent through.  Following the assessment Claire and I had a meeting with Robyn’s teacher and going through your report she looked at all your recommendations and is finding ways of giving her the additional support she needs as many of your suggested aids are available to her.  

Since the meeting they appear to be approaching Robyn in a different way and have already developed her reading skills and the latest comment in her reading record told her how proud they were of her progress – you could visibly see her blooming!  From worrying that she was ‘thick’ she already sees herself as being “special” and is happy to accept all additional support because of this.  Her confidence is already growing.


Dear Arlene,

I would like to thank you for putting Rebecca at her ease and explaining every thing to her in a most positive manner.  The assessment was nothing short of a revelation for her and on the way home most of her sentences started with “So that’s why …..”.  She has been struggling for a time and I know it was a relief for her to have an understanding of why she has found certain things so difficult, as her confidence was starting to slip.


 Thank you so much for Stanley’s report it has been very helpful,since seeing you Stanley’s confidence has also improved as he now knows this is something he can get help with and is not his fault I can’t thank you enough for your time and patience with everything thanks again Donna 

Dear Arlene,

Thank you for the comprehensive report!  It explains very well why Jack has been having difficulties with writing tasks despite his very good intellect and capable mind!

The findings and recommendations will also help me a great deal to find better ways of helping him.

You have been most kind and friendly with Jack and made it a positive experience. Many thanks for that!   He kept saying afterwards, “I am clever, Mummy!”  His General Ability score of 120 certainly boosted his confidence, which he needed.


Dear Arlene,

You assessed my son Haydon last August with having Dyslexia.

Haydon wanted me to let you know he went on to pass the Kent test and has been offered a place at Dane Court Grammar School in Broadstairs this September. His confidence has grown since the assessment and his spelling age which was 2 years below his actual age is now age appropriate, which is a massive improvement.


Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for sending the report. Meeting with you has answered many questions and we will take all of your advice to assist Luke’s future learning.

We have passed the report onto Luke’s school and they have been very supportive.

Nicola and Ian

 Hi Arlene

Thank you so much for doing Finbar’s assessment and getting the report to us so quickly.

 It is such a relief to have a real reason for his literacy problems and your report and diagnosis will be so helpful in moving forward with his education.

Sonja and Richard

Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for your rapid completion of the diagnostic report. The assessment and subsequent diagnosis has allowed me to develop greater insight to my learning style and the various difficulties I encounter. After watching the recommended documentary ‘The Big Picture: Rethinking dyslexia’ I now have a far greater understanding of what dyslexia actually is and the different impact it has upon the individual.


Dear Arlene,

Despite getting negative test results at school, you did a Dyslexia test with him at the end of last year and found that Angus was in fact dyslexic. Since speaking to you we found him a tutor, who has been AMAZING.  She has taught Angus things that he never thought he would be able to do and the results have been brilliant.  

Thank you so much for the support and advice you gave us last year.  We are very excited to see Angus grow and grow.


Dear Arlene

I thought I’d let you know the school spoke to us this morning to confirm that they had submitted the report on our behalf – and they said it’s the best report they’ve ever seen!

Thank you so much….hopefully it will help with Ella’s education, and it may make things a little easier for her.


Dear Arlene

Thank you for sending Elizabeth’s report, it has been very interesting to read.
 It was very nice to see you again, and thank you for all your help.


Thank you for sending this through it is really informative and helpful. 

Dear Arlene

Thank you so much for your time with Josh last Thursday, the assessment findings have put my mind at rest and now we can move on to help Josh. Thank you for sending me the report so quickly.


Dear Arlene,

Thank you so much for getting the report to us so quickly.
We have succeeded in getting the extra 25% time in the AS exams that began this week.
The school have also approved Christopher’s use of various tech supports when regular lessons begin again after half term.
My father has been quite wonderful and given us the financial means to purchase such things as “Dragon”, a Live Scribe pen, dictaphone etc.
Christopher and I are hugely relieved that your assessment was so comprehensive and is his key to getting the help he needs for the remainder of his school career and beyond.


Thank you for making the assessment painless, I must confess I wasn’t really looking forward to it.


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